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Individual & Family Counseling for Adults, Adolescents, and Tweens

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Mission of Services:

My mission is to provide confidential, strength based counseling services, which provide individuals and families the ability to grow towards their personal, professional, and educational goals.  My goal is to provide each individual engaged in counseling with a passionate, effective experience, which provides the opportunity to identify strengths and provide hope, even in the midst of troubling times. My vision for all who enter counseling is to develop the ability to increase self reliance and self determination for their current and future life stages.

Service Specialties:

At Fortress Counseling I provide individual and family counseling for Adults, Adolescents, and Tweens (Ages 10+).


I offer counseling services for:

 - Depression
 - Anxiety

 - Anger Management

 - Trauma

 - Grief & Loss

 - Bullying

 - Post Traumatic Stress

 - Mood Disorders
 - Family issues
 - Relationship Struggles
 - Educational Difficulties
 - Parenting

 - Social Media
 - Any other Life Transition